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24/07/2019    Scouts Clean up Top of the World
24/07/2019    57 Maltese scouts in World Scout Jamboree
05/01/2019    Valletta Foodbank to Branch out as Demand Continues to Grow
14/08/2017    Stella Maris College Venture Scouts Hold Floating Camp at Exiles Bay
22/01/2017    Puppies Thrown Away in Sack - Two Die and One is Rescued by Scouts
24/07/2016    Stella Maris College Scouts Mark 60th Anniversary
25/07/2015    Malta Contingent Prepares for World Jamboree, Meets President
26/04/2015    Stella Maris College Scout Camp Hosts Cumbrians
05/04/2015    World Scouts Jamboree
01/09/2013    Stella Maris Scouts' Cumbrian Adventure
05/08/2012    Stella Maris College Scouts Summer Camp
04/09/2011    Adrenaline-fuelled Rover Scouts trip
31/07/2011    Stella Maris Scouts' Fun Summer Camp
08/05/2011    Stella Maris College and Sliema Scouts team up for camp
13/02/2011    Stella Maris College Scouts reach new heights
19/12/2010    Scouts Raise Money for Charity
29/08/2010    Stella Maris Scout Summer Camp 2010
04/07/2007    Scouts and Disabled Hold Weekend Camp
26/04/2004    Scouts Try Their Hand at Cooking
21/12/2003    Leaders Promote Peace and Goodwill
10/11/2003    President Visits Scouts at Camp
23/08/2003    Scouts Visit Sicily Camp
31/05/2002    Scouts Clean Vittoriosa Bastions

28/03/2015    4 Xhur Ohra Ghall-Gappun

Dec 2010    1st Keswick Explorer Scouts visit Malta
Dec 2010    Stella Maris College Scout Group Raises Funds for Charity