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Practice the Scout Law while on the Internet:

  • A Scout is courteous: respect the forms, manners, and customs established by convention as being acceptable, or required, in social relations, in a profession, or in official life while using the Internet.
  • Reply to all messages which are received.
  • If you promise to send information or exchange badges – keep your word.
  • When using E-mail, or even signing someone’s Guestbook, do not use language which could offend others. Also, be positive, constructive, and focus on the fun aspect of the JOTAJOTI event

It’s easy on the Internet to pretend to be someone else. Someone on the internet can be pretending to be a Scout, or a group of Scouts, whilst in reality he is not.

  • Never give out your full names, your home address, phone number, school or similar when sending e-mail or chatting with IRC.
  • If you receive an E-mail or other Internet communication that you think is strange our unusual, tell your leader or one of your parents to have a look at it, just to be safe.
  • If you receive an E-mail or other Internet communication from anyone that wants to meet you, or asks for any personal information, do not reply! Tell your leader or one of your parents, just to be safe.

JID Code:

  • 5MT848

For JOTI, you may use one of the following chat clients:

Useful chat commands:
  • Connect to the server - /server
  • List chat rooms - /list
  • Enter a chat room - /join #english, /join #english01, /join #english02 etc
  • Change nickname - /nick YourName (Nick should start with smcscouts)

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