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2012 Summer Camp Badge

posted 28 Apr 2012, 08:17 by Chris Bartolo   [ updated 28 Apr 2012, 08:29 by Daniel Cuschieri ]

The Troop will be designing a camp badge for this year's Summer Camp. Yes, you read well! A commemorative camp badge, not a campers badge. This badge will be designed by the Troop and will be made available to all other sections.

These are the guide lines: 

  1. Any member of the Troop section can enter this contest
  2. Each participant can submit as many designs as s/he wants
  3. Each design must have a reference to the "Stella Maris College Scout Group" logo and to "Scouting" in general.  The logos need not necessarily be reproduced exactly as they are, but the elements should be immediately identifiable.
  4. Each design must provide a direct reference to the subject of the camp in reference - Summer Camp 2012.  The badge should not be specific to the Troop section, but should be general for all sections.
  5. Designs must be totally new and innovative.  Any designs copied (eg from the internet) shall be disqualified.
  6. All entries must be submitted by Sunday 20th May 2012.  Entries should ideally, but not necessarily, drawn on the computer.
  7. The Troop reserves the right to not use any of the designs submitted, should these not be sufficient for a fair competition to be held.
  8. If more than three entries are submitted for this competition, these will first be restricted to 3 during a PLC through an anonymous vote.
  9. The Troop will then select the winning design, and the entry with most votes will be selected as the official 2012 camp badge.
  10. The badge can be any shape, but should not be larger than 7cm