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Novex 2012

posted 6 Nov 2012, 09:21 by Daniel Cuschieri
On Saturday 3rd November, leaders from the Stella Maris College Scout Group teamed up with the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit (EFRU) in order to take part in an annual national emergency simulation organised by the Civil Protection Department (CPD), called Novex 2012. The aim of this exercise was to bring together the various entities in the country that would be essential to respond to a large scale emergency or a national disaster. During the exercise, which stretched resources to their limit, particular focus was given to incident management, communications and coordination.

Several incidents, in different parts of Malta, were triggered at different times of the day - these incidents required different types of resources. For example one incident simulated a road traffic accident with a large number of casualties. Other incidents involved buildings collapsed by a powerful earthquake, casualties in confined spaces, casualties that had fallen off a cliff. and also a leaking oil tank tank that caught fire.

The EFRU participated in this exercise with 3 rescue teams (of different capabilities), a search and rescue dog, and also provided food and drinks to the rescuers with a mobile canteen van. The Stella Maris College Scout Group was part of the Rope Rescue and the MUSAR teams. The teams were also joined by Italian rescue volunteers from the organisation Edelweiss, based in Calabria, with which EFRU has a twinning agreement. This gave the exercise an international feel, as it is possible for the two teams to work together in case of a disaster in any of the two countries.