Blog Launched

posted 18 Jul 2012, 12:13 by Daniel Cuschieri   [ updated 18 Jul 2012, 23:34 ]
The Group is currently busy with its last minute preparations for this year's summer camp, which will be held at Xemxija.  The Pack, Troop and Unit sections are currently planning several sea and land related activities. Some of which include, kayaking, sailing boat races, snorkelling, pioneering, tree planting, camp ovens, water olympics, star gazing, clay hill climbing, treasure hunts, cave nights, blind drop and survival techniques. A campfire will be held on Tuesday evening, for which parents are also invited to attend. This adventure packed camp promises to offer a fun and exciting new experience for everyone involved!

Through this blog, we hope to give you regular updates on what is going on at camp - so check back regularly!