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Marching Band

The need to form a Marching Band was felt and discussed for a long time. During a Scouters' meeting called by GSL Joseph Bartolo in April 2009, it was agreed that a Marching Band should be formed. SL Daniel Cuschieri and ASL Mario Attard volunteered to start learning the Snare Drum. The Msida Sea Scouts agreed to teach us this instrument. Lessons, directed by their lead drummer, Kurt Borg started on a weekly basis in May 2009. Three months later, Msida Sea Scouts drummer Kenneth Mifsud got involved in teaching the Snare Drum. Andre Lapira, a Venture Scout, also joined the Band.


The number of drummers increased to seven Rovers and Ventures in October 2009. These include Jack Bartolo Parnis (Akela) and Joseph Matthew Muscat (Hathi) on the Tenors and ASL Derrick Zahra on the Bass Drum.

Six drums where purchased in January 2010 and the band section recruited ten new members from the Troop section in February 2010. The group purchased a set of marching bells in August 2010, which introduced a melody to the drum line, enabling the band to play the marching tunes associated with parades. ASL Sarah Bartolo volunteered to start learning this instrument.

The Band's first debute was during an investiture ceremony held on 1st October 2010, although the Group officially inaugurated the band instruments during the AGM organising during the Christmas Period. These were blessed during Holy Mass, after which the Band, including the new recruits from the Troop, drummed to some popular Christmas carols played on the marching bells.

The Band section participed in the Our Lady of Sorrows procession held on 15th April 2011, Whilst the scouts forming part of the Band section also put up a display on the marching drums, during the College's soiree in May 2011.

The band section improved immensely over the summer months of 2011, thanks to the help of Alfred Reale who has taken the role of Drum Major. Being a band member in the Armed Forces of Malta, Alfred had the knowledge and experience needed to boost the quality of the Stella Maris College Scout Group band. Amongst other things, the group focused tremendously on marching and drill.

The steady progress of the band motivated the group to invest in new instruments including two snare drums and a bell lyra played by new recruit, Brian Scicluna. In 2014, the leadership of the band section passed on to Brian Scicluna, where he took over the role of Drum Major.  Since then, new recruits have joined the band, which keeps itself busy with constant practice and participates in various Group events.
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