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Scout Troop

The Troop Section is for youth aged between 11 and 15 years of age.  The aim of this Section is to provide Scouts with fun, challenging and interesting activities while at the same time teaching skills and values they will need to face the world tomorrow.

The Scout Section was initially the original section from which Scouting grew.  Therefore it comes as no surprise that we have some serious fun in the Troop. The Spirit of Adventure is what drives the Scout Section - to challenge you to try new things, to encourage you to try to be more responsible, to work as a team and lead.

At this age, youth are more aware of what they want and like, so it is no wonder that the Section gets its identity from its members. This identity is shaped by the Scout Promise and Law that teaches crucial values in taking on life's challenges - loyalty, trust-worthiness, respect to name a few.

Various activities are planned during the year such as cycling, canoeing, camping, rafting etc.

The Troop is split into teams called Patrols.  Each Patrol has a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader.  Supported by Adult Leaders (Scout Leader and Assistants), the Troop is run by the Patrol Leaders' Council.

"Vigorous scout games are the best form of physical education because most of them bring in moral education."

Stella Maris College Scout Group
The Troop is run using a Patrol System, with the scouts forming small units called patrols. The Stella Maris College Troop has five patrols, namely Cobra, Dolphin, Falcon, Shark and Tiger. Each patrol is managed by a Patrol Leader (PL), while the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) leads the PLs.  These scouts all form part of the Patrol Leader’s Council, which decides what is to be done and how. The Scout Leader and the Assistant Scout Leaders (ASLs) provide the necessary adult leader support to the Troop. 

As a scout, one can expect to go camping several times each year. These include the Summer Camp, Christmas Camp, Easter Camp, End of School Camp, JOTI JOTA Camp and PLs Training Camp.  The Troop also hold several inter-patrol competitions, such as Operation San Martin, Founder's Day Competition, Easter Egg Competition, Wooden Spoon Cooking Competition and the Christmas Competition.  

How to Join
Meetings are held every Friday from 1830hrs to 2030hrs, in the College's Junior School Grounds. Those interested in joining simply need to attend one of our meetings and speak to the Group Scout Leader or Scout Leader for further information.
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