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Venture Unit

The Venture Scout Unit (15-18 years) is a do-it-yourself mix of fun, adventure and personal challenges that brings together like-minded youth from all walks of life for weekly meetings and activities

As a Venture Scout you are given the opportunity to explore Malta - trekking or canoeing along the coastline, abseiling at Wied Babu or having a laugh at camp-fire.  On occasion travelling overseas to camp in the mountains or forests with other Venture Units from Europe or beyond.

The Venture Section is about having fun and looking for new opportunities of discovery. You will meet new people and make lifelong friends.  It provides valuable "down-time" from your studies, giving you the opportunity to remain refreshed and focused on your schooling. 

Through a range of ambitious badges and awards, Venture Scouts can enhance their skills and knowledge. As a Venture you will learn how to deal with new situations and develop your leadership and life skills which will serve you well when you need to take responsibility and make important decisions for yourself. 

Venture Scouts often get the opportunity of working alongside other Venture Scouts from different Units.  In this way they can participate in an even wider range of activities.

"To anyone who hasn't tried Scouting before, I'd say come on up and have a go! I think that most people don't really know that Scouting is about activities, friendship and meeting people from other countries.  I've been in the Movement since I was a Cub and I still love it!"

Stella Maris College Scout Group
The Stella Maris College Scout Group Unit Executive (as of November 2016)
  • Chairperson - Elizabeth Grima Spiteri Cornish
  • Treasurer - Naomi Scicluna
  • Secretary - Adam Borg Mercieca
The Stella Maris College Scout Group strives to follow the scout method, which promotes growth in six areas of development. These areas, commonly referred to as the SPICESs, are Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional and Spiritual development.  These aspects are all catered for by the training scheme offered within the Unit, which consists of several badges such as the Olympian Award and International Award. 

How to Join
Meetings are held every Friday from 1830hrs to 2030hrs, in the College's Junior School Grounds. Those interested in joining simply need to attend one of our meetings and speak to the Group Scout Leader or Venture Scout Leader for further information.
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