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First Aid

Applying a Sling

Cleaning a Wound

First Aid Kits for Minor Injuries

Reducing Knee Swelling

Reducing Black Eye Swelling

Stopping a Nose Bleed

Treating a Bee Sting

Stopping the Bleeding

Treating Blisters

Treating a Hangnail

Treating a Strained Muscle

Treating Abrasions

Using Adhesive Wound Closures

Treating Blistering Burns

Checking the Pulse, Breathing & Airway

Controlling Bleeding

Treating Burns

Treating Chemical Burns & Victims of Electric Shock

Using Rubber Gloves to Treat a Patient

The Recovery Position

How to Perform CPR on a Baby

How to Perform CPR on a Child

How to Perform CPR on an Adult

How to Treat Choking